Website Promotion

With changing times, changing technology and changing mindset of Internet users it not enough to own a website as there are thousands of websites, which are working in the similar niches. You have stand apart so that you can gather some crowd and visitors towards your website because more visitor’s means more business and more business will culminate in increased profits. You can bring more visitors and more traffic to your website only when you decide to be indulged in the ever-ongoing process of website promotion. Even bigger brands need to be advertised and promoted hence it is your sole duty as a website owner to know and involve in every website promotion activity. Some of the main ways in which you can promote your website is Search Engine optimization, web Content Development and Search Engine Submission.
Different techniques of Website Promotion

•    Directory Submission

First phase to start your website promotion is by submitting your website to different directories as they have earnest potential to increase the overall traffic to your website. Get a detailed idea about the online directories and the guidelines they have provided for website and webpage submission. You can always start with open directories by creating a good and original content, which are most of the times free for submitting the content. Follow all the rules and guidelines provided for submitting content for your website by being a member you can hook for better results and for better traffic.

•    Search Engine Optimization

You need to have sound knowledge of search engine algorithms to get involved in optimization so that you can arrange and design the web pages to meet their prescribed criteria’s. Basic things you want to concentrate for SEO are making your site search engine friendly; learn about Meta tags, Meta description tags, and keyword optimization where you can use all the keywords, which are related to your website. Make sure you read and apply all the legal optimization techniques because any mischievous act will lead to blacklisting of your website from search engine directory. For additional optimization, you can consider cloaking, css tricks, doorway pages, themes and click popularity or pay per click techniques.

•    Search Engine Submission

After business directory submission and optimization your site will have a efficient  crawl rate and will be indexed in search engine results, may be with good ranking that previous rankings and positions. You will have to understand the working of search engines and the exact indexing and ranking techniques. Understand the popularity of the search engines and consider the search engine most often used in your targeted area and then you can submit your website to these search engines. Consider about placing your advertisement under Pay per Click feature, which is known to generate good amount of traffic.

•    Additional techniques

You will have to understand and analyze the mentality of the visitors by implementing analytics and RSS feeds, which will help you provide and update your website with exactly the same content, which the visitors are looking for. Keep on updating blogs and articles with required backlinks and effective keywords, which will prove beneficial for your website. Try using Usenet Advertising, email signatures and by creating special forums and newsletters which will make the people stop for more time rather than just hitting the Website Promotion.